The Best Streetwear Collaborations of the Last Decade

The cultures of art, fashion, and music have combined with the advent of streetwear for the last decade, and it’s been an incredibly exciting era for style. The number of esteemed designers, brands, and celebrities who mastermind collaborations to create and introduce new trends to the world is staggering. With the range of incredible streetwear collaborations that have been unleashed over the past decade, it can be hard to choose the best. But here we are, ready to explore some of the most memorable and sought-after streetwear collaborations of the last ten years.

1. Exploring the Finest Streetwear Collabs of the Last 10 Years

Streetwear enthusiasts can agree that the collaborations of the last decade have pushed the culture to new heights. From fusions of unexpected brands to limited drops of fresh silhouettes, the past 10 years have seen some of the most innovative collabs.

Here are some of the most noteworthy streetwear drops of the last decade:

  • OFF-WHITE x Nike: 2017’s “The Ten” Collection shook up the sneaker industry with its deconstructed reimaginings of 10 of Nike’s most iconic silhouettes.
  • Supreme x Louis Vuitton: This 2017 collaboration seamlessly blended both brands with bright colorways and signature Supreme branding.
  • BAPE x adidas: Spanning three collections released over 2018, this partnership provided a fresh take on timeless Superstar, Campus, NMD and DWT silhouettes.
  • Virgil Abloh x IKEA: The 2017 MOVING collaboration gave IKEA furniture a much-needed update with sleek lines, bold patterns and minimalist branding.
  • Alpha Industries x Nike: This 2013 Military-inspired collaboration saw the MA-1 bomber finally incorporated into streetwear with a bright orange colorway.

These hyped collabs have cemented streetwear’s popularity and helped pave the way for its continued relevance.

2. Celebrating Unique Partnerships in the Fashion Industry

The past few years have seen the rise of a unique breed of partnership in the fashion industry. With the advent of social media, collaboration and creativity that was once unheard of has opened up an entirely new world of possibilities. The fashion industry has been buzzing with new, exciting partnerships between brands, designers, production houses and influencers.

Collaborations between designers, models and photographers have crafted some of the most memorable fashion shows, campaigns and social media trends. Models now have their own emoji’s and they are uniting behind a cause of diverse representation. Designers have looked to influencers to help promote their collections, bringing in a different kind of audience. There has been a merging of worlds between brands, influencers, models and production houses to make some incredible fashion shows. Every partnership is aiming to bring out something unique and exciting – an air of pageantry and innovation.

  • Brands uniting with influencers to create memorable collections
  • Designers partnering with models to bring diversity on the runway
  • Photographers coming together with production houses to stage incredible shows

3. Iconic Links between Streetwear Labels and Global Brands

Streetwear is at the core of the fashion industry. Many designers and labels draw inspiration from the trendy and progressive street trends, incorporating these ideas into their own collections. It is not surprising then, that many streetwear labels have managed to build iconic collaborations with major global brands. Here are some of the most noteworthy:

  • Supreme and Louis Vuitton – Supreme gained so much popularity with its iconic box logo, attracting the attention of none other than French fashion giant Louis Vuitton. The two worked together to create a capsule line in 2017, featuring limited edition items from clothing to skateboard decks.
  • Stussy and Nike – In 2003, Stussy and Nike surprised the streetwear community with a collection that blended the urban style of Stussy with Nike’s signature sportswear. Pieces from the iconic collab included athleisure wear, utilitarian garments and a unique collection of sneakers.
  • Vetements and Burberry – Vetements shook up the fashion industry when it collaborated with iconic British brand Burberry in 2017. The capsule collection featured two trench coats – a standout streetwear piece fully created in Burberry’s signature check pattern.

Streetwear labels not only manage to stay ahead of the fashion trends but also think outside the box to create collaborations with global brands. Some of these pairings have become so iconic that they remain part of the collective fashion culture, even after years after their release.

4. Re-evaluating Boundaries between High-End and Casual Apparel

In the wake of the 21st century’s ever-evolving fashion trends, one of the most notable shifts is the re-evaluation of the boundaries between high-end and casual attire. As more individuals become free to express their personal style through couture, athleisure and streetwear, boundaries between the two styles are being challenged to create new hybrid looks.

The mix of high-end clothing with casual, everyday pieces has quickly become a popular style. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see someone sporting a Nike tracksuit with Valentino sneakers and a Gucci belt. Individuals have become more daring, creating captivating looks that tie together the contrasting elements of luxury and casual. Subtlety is the key when mixing these two styles, carefully selecting the right pieces that complement each other while still holding true to the overall aesthetic.

The aforementioned streetwear collaborations are just a few of the many innovative and iconic collaborations that have gone down over the last decade. They have shown us that with creativity, ingenuity and a strong focus on collaboration, seemingly anything is possible. This is a testament to the power of creative partnerships, and we can’t wait to see what exciting ventures the next decade will bring.

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