A Beginner’s Guide to Building Your Streetwear Wardrobe

Feeling overwhelmed while navigating the world of streetwear? You’re not alone. With so many trend-defining silhouettes, fabrics and colour palettes, constructing the perfect streetwear wardrobe can seem like a daunting task. But never fear; this beginner’s guide to building a streetwear wardrobe has got you covered!

1. Start with the Basics: Essential Streetwear Items

Streetwear style is all about comfort, confidence, and self-expression. To join the trend, you need some fundamental pieces that form the foundation for your streetwear wardrobe. Here are the essential streetwear items you should keep in mind.

  • T-shirts – Sneakers and tees were the foundation of streetwear style, and the humble tee still remains an indispensible element. Pick out plain varieties with neat designs, or worn-in vintage tees.
  • Sweaters and hoodies – Oversize knit pullovers, hoodies, and sweaters create that comfortable, relaxed look sought after by streetwear aficionados. Look for bold graphic print and cashmere material.
  • Hats – A signature streetwear item, the cool caps and beanies have become a staple. They add a subtle hint of an urban touch to any outfit, and help keep you warm during cold months.
  • Jackets – Biker, varsity or bomber jackets give the perfect finish to a casual streetwear look. Look for vintage denim and military-style jackets to add a unique spin.
  • Jeans – Ripped jeans and a plain tee are the 2018 update to classic denim and chambray shirts. Look for straight cut and wide-leg fits for a modern twist.

With these basics, there’s no limit to how creative you can go in crafting that perfect streetwear look. Have fun, unleash your true self, and be confident in the style statement you make.

2. Stitching Together Your Streetwear Look

Now that you have all the pieces for your streetwear look, you’re ready for the finishing touches. You want to combine the different pieces of clothing in a way that is stylish and unique. Here are a few tips to help you put everything together:

  • Think Contrast – Contrasting colors and fabrics can help bring varying elements together and make your outfit pop. Try wearing neutral colors (greys, blacks, whites) with bold statement items like graphic tees and bright sneakers.
  • Go for Balance – You want the top half of your outfit to complement the bottom half and the other way around. Don’t just wear a colorful and eccentric shirt with a dull pair of pants. You want the colors and patterns to blend together cohesively.
  • Accessorize – Accessories are the best way to truly make your streetwear look your own. A baseball cap or bucket hat, colorful belt, simple jewelry, and unique shades can help bring all the elements of your outfit together.

Once you’ve found the right balance of colors and patterns, you’re all set to take on the streets. Streetwear is all about expressing yourself through your clothing, so don’t be afraid to experiment and mix different styles together. It’s all about having fun with fashion and expressing your unique style.

3. From Trendy to Timeless: Mix and Matching Streetwear Style

The secret to mastering the art of streetwear is knowing how to mix the trendy elements with timeless basics. The key is to create a personal style that looks great without appearing try-hard. Take some inspiration from the street style heavyweights with the following tips.

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  • Choose one or two trendier items like statement pieces or branded garments.
  • Balance this out with classic pieces like blue jeans or plain tees.
  • Don’t shy away from colors, textures and prints once you have the basics covered.
  • Accessories can add an extra edge to your outfit, from caps to statement jewelry.
  • Mix and match different pieces to create an effortless and comfortable style.

Whether you strive for an edgy, street-ready look or a more relaxed and sophisticated vibe, mixing high and low fashion is a great way to have fun with your wardrobe. You don’t need to break the bank buying the latest designer items – just use a few timeless pieces and add bold pieces and accessories to create a unique look. Your own street style is an expression of who you are and how you want to express yourself through fashion.

4. Ready to Hit the Streets: Finalizing Your Streetwear Wardrobe

Congratulations on completing 4 steps to building a fashionable streetwear wardrobe! Now that you have the essential foundation pieces, a few rocking accessories, and the perfect outfit pieces for special occasions, it’s time to hit the pavement in style.

If you’re ready to strut your stuff, here are some things to consider as you finalize your streetwear wardrobe:

  • Think comfort – choose clothes that make you feel good in your own skin and don’t hinder your movements
  • Coordinate the elements – mix and match styles, fabric, cuts and textures to create balanced looks
  • Have fun with it – try on different looks and experiment with your style

Don’t forget to take pictures of your outfits, so you can look back and see how your style evolved over time! With the right pieces, you can build a streetwear wardrobe that lets you stand out from the crowd and express your tastes – so don’t be shy about showing off that personality.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to build your own unique style! There is a lot to explore in the world of streetwear, so get creative and enjoy the journey. May your streetwear wardrobe bring out your inner confidence and swagger!

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